Ultra x Aether Games Inc: Raving the frontiers of Web3 together

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Ultra! We’ll be working together to achieve our goals via streamlining processes for our games and players, connecting symbiotically with Ultra’s thoughtful ecosystem.

Why Ultra?

Ultra combines traditional gaming services with an advanced level of blockchain technology to offer gamers and developers a greater degree of autonomy. To achieve this, Ultra has assembled a diverse team of technical experts alongside video game industry veterans among renowned companies such as Google, AMD, Wargaming, Dell, Microsoft and more. Ultra has been in the space since 2017 and is one of the leading blockchain platforms that provide gaming services including but not limited to the sale and promotion of games, online broadcasts, tournament/event hosting and a wonderful NFT marketplace. The Ultra platform houses an array of apps to provide players with an enhanced and fair gaming experience.

Ultra Blockchain

Ultra has built its own blockchain based on EOS technology, redesigned to fit gaming industry needs and provide a mainstream-ready service for players and game developers. One of the main advantages they present is the ability to perform up to 12,000 transactions per second, without any fees. This alone can be very beneficial for Aether Games and the entire new generation of players coming to web3. Ultra’s wonderful tech allows for a smooth gaming ecosystem enabling accessibility and ease for onboarding an ever-growing player base. Find out more: www.onultra.io


Ultra aims to be a platform for PC games that charge significantly lower distribution fees, whilst also giving developers access to new revenue streams and marketing tools to effectively reach their target audience.

An abundance of their services are built on blockchain technology, therefore Aether Games and gamers in general will have more autonomy over their products and purchases. Autonomy presents convenience and accessibility for our players, an element we truly admire.


The Uniq Marketplace allows players to store their digital assets, such as in-game items and games themselves on the blockchain. Players can purchase, resell games or in-game assets on the marketplace with the support of the developers. A true form of ownership.

Earn Money

Ultra allows players to earn by participating in beta tests, curation of games, visualization of ads, as well as many more opportunities.

Open Platform

Players can access third-party gaming services such as tournaments, trading platforms, and competitions directly within the Ultra platform.

Ultra and Aether Games

Overall, our aims and goals are aligned and intertwined as we promote similar thoughts not only for the space as a whole, but core values as companies. Therefore, we believe this alliance will not only be one that is long and mutually beneficial to both parties and players alike, but one of true strength and unity in the industry.

Ultra’s Uniq Marketplace is currently in open beta, check it out by downloading the platform now: ultra.io/download